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Sep 30
Music and Collectibles

Music Lovers Unite

  •   Sep 17 @ 12:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 30 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
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This is definitely a ROCK ON auction. Enhance your music experience by listening to these great vinyl records, or jamming out on these amazing instruments. Find your inner rock star with a great guitar, banjo, violin, flute, trumpet, amps and more. Or purchase an instrument to expand the creative talents of a loved one.

Oct 1
Collectors Collections

Collectors Collections

  •   Sep 18 @ 8:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 1 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
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Several collectors have selected items, mostly related to Fairbanks and Alaska , for offering here. Also some national and international art pieces by French artist Icart, satire artist Charles Bragg, Fred Machentanz, .

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