Feb 17
Silver, Gold and so much More

Silver, Gold and so much More

  •   Feb 12 @ 9:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Feb 17 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Items are located at Last Frontier Auctions and Sales at 2017 South Cushman Street. This Online Auction ends SATURDAY at 7pm. These items will be available for pickup on SUNDAY from 10am- 2pm or by appointment on Monday. All items must be picked up within 7 days of the close of the auction and or have made arrangements for shipping. Any items not claimed within seven days will be considered abandoned, the bidder will forfeit the item and the payment will not be refunded. The auction house reserves the right relist any abandoned items in another upcoming auction. There is a 15% Buyers Premium and a 4% Credit Card Fee. Auctioneer reserves the right to pull any item from the auction prior to the close of the sale.

Feb 10
Valentines Collections

Valentine's Collection

  •   Feb 4 @ 8:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Feb 10 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Purchase a unique gift for someone special or just spoil yourself!

Feb 3
January Tools, Coins, Gold

January Tools, Coins, Gold

  •   Jan 17 @ 12:00am AKST (Start)
  •   Feb 3 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
.55oz of Gold, New hand tools, collector coins, jewelry and Snow Gear to include a Snow Machine.

Feb 2
Blue Moose Storage Units - January 2024

Blue Moose Storage

  •   Jan 15 @ 10:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Feb 2 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Two Clean units with great treasures seeking new home!

Jan 13
January Consignments

January Consignments

  •   Jan 8 @ 11:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Jan 13 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
An auction find is an auction treasure! Choose from coins, jewelry, winter gear, toys / collectibles, pottery, Alaskan native jewelry, clocks, and more.

Jan 6
New Year Treasures

New Year Treasures

  •   Jan 1 @ 7:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Jan 6 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Ladies Coats, Generator, Coins, Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Designer Handbags and more.

Dec 30
End of Year Consignments

End of Year Consignments

  •   Dec 26 @ 12:00am AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 30 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Find a new treasure today!

Dec 23
Needham Firearm Collection - Part 3

Needham Firearm Collection - Part 3

  •   Dec 17 @ 10:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 23 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Exquisite Jewelry, Coins, Stamps, Ammunition, and Firearms.

Dec 16
Needham Firearm Collection - Part 2

Needham Firearm Collection - Part 2

  •   Dec 11 @ 12:00am AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 16 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
A collection of Firearms, jewelry and coins.

Dec 9
December General Consignments

December General Consignments

  •   Dec 3 @ 8:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 9 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Find a new treasure in any auction.

Dec 2
December Gifts

December Gifts

  •   Nov 27 @ 10:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 2 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Choose a gift for you or for someone else!

Dec 1
Independent Rental December Storage

Independent Rental December Storage

  •   Nov 25 @ 2:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Dec 1 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Try your luck with storage. A true gamble!

Nov 25
The Collection of Rick & Kathy Hoitt Part 2

The Collection of Rick & Kathy Hoitt Part 2

  •   Nov 20 @ 10:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 25 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Authentic Ivory sculptures and Scrimshaw. An exquisite collection. Items would compliment an living room, office, or retail store.

Nov 18
November General Consignment

November General Consignment

  •   Nov 12 @ 9:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 18 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Not quite the kitchen sink, but pretty close. Fiesta Ware, Coins, Jewelry, Tools and more.

Nov 11
Power - Firearms and Tools

Power - Firearms and Tools

  •   Nov 5 @ 10:00pm AKST (Start)
  •   Nov 11 @ 7:00pm AKST (End)
Firearms include Browning, Ruger, and Winchester. Hand tools, power tools, tool boxes, camping, reloading , coins and more.

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