Jun 22
Solstice Fun

Solstice Fun

  •   Jun 17 @ 11:59pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jun 22 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This auction has collectables, ammo, fishing, coins, and more!

Jun 21
June Private Storage Collection

June Private Storage Collection

  •   Jun 17 @ 9:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jun 21 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Four different units of various sizes. Choose big or small and still win!

Jun 14
Building Materials, New and Used

Building Materials

  •   Jun 9 @ 7:35pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jun 14 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This auction includes building materials, and support materials to maintain rental units.

Jun 8
East Bound

East Bound

  •   Jun 3 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jun 8 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This is a whole house dispersal. Great items include an enclosed trailer, truck bed camper, multiple snow machines, kayaks and trailer. Outdoor patio furniture, fabulous swing set, portable water tank, gardening tools. Items from inside the house include household furniture, dishes and artwork.

Jun 1
June Consignments 2024

June Consignments 2024

  •   May 25 @ 8:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jun 1 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Consignments include artwork, coins, antiques, Hummel figurines, comic books, ammunition, glass, and fishing gear!

May 31
Private Storage Unit Liquidation.

U-Haul Storage Units

  •   May 25 @ 11:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   May 31 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Private storage units for auction at 351 Old Steese Hwy.

May 25
Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove

  •   May 19 @ 3:30pm AKDT (Start)
  •   May 25 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This auction is located at 2017 South Cushman Street. Jewelry, Coins, Outdoor, and Glass.

May 18
May 2024 General Consignments

May 2024 General Consignments

  •   May 12 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   May 18 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Everything from a 2010 BMW to riding lawnmower, coins, jewelry, collectibles and store displays!

May 11
Spoil Mom in the Outdoor Sale

Spoil Mom in the Outdoor Sale

  •   May 5 @ 11:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   May 11 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Time to shop for MOM. We have items to adorn her beauty, or to help her enjoy the great Alaskan outdoors!

May 4
May Snap On

May Snap-On

  •   Apr 28 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   May 4 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Lot 100 is a FUNDRAISER for a local Fairbanks Technician. If you need tools, coins, and more TOOLS than this auction is for you! Please note that the tools in this auction belong to a separate consignor.

May 3
Private Storage Unit Liquidation.

Private Storage Unit

  •   Apr 28 @ 4:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   May 3 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
10' x 15' unit full of military gear.

Apr 27
April Consignments 2024

April Consignments 2024

  •   Apr 21 @ 11:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 27 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
The coolest items include ARCADE GAMES, Bicycle, Adult TRIcycle, Vintage Coca Cola items, THREE Safes - you choose the right size for you!

Apr 26
Independent Rental Storage

Independent Rental Storage

  •   Apr 17 @ 9:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 26 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Choose from 4x4 units to full size connex containers.

Apr 13
Snap On Galore and More

Snap On Galore and More

  •   Apr 7 @ 10:30pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 13 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
TOOLS, Snowmachine, Coins, Jewelry, and more!

Apr 6
Coins, Currency and Firearms

Coins, Currency and Firearms

  •   Mar 31 @ 7:45pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Apr 6 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Coins, Currency and Firearms!

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