Oct 21
Independent Rental Storage October Units

Independent Rental Storage October Units

  •   Oct 15 @ 3:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 21 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Bid on your favorite storage unit to find a new treasure! Last Frontier Auction has a 15% Buyers Premium and a 4% Credit Card Convenience Fee. To pay by cash you must call the auction company prior to the close of the auction.

Oct 15
General Consignment Saturday

General Consignment Saturday

  •   Oct 8 @ 2:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 15 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Items include a Generac Generator, Vintage 1956 Ford COE truck parts, camera equipment, Artwork by Fred Machetanz, Winter Gear (some new with tags), Coins, DVD's and more!

Oct 8
Brandon Coins & Jewelry Part 1

Brandon Coins & Jewelry Part 1

  •   Oct 1 @ 2:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 8 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
An exquisite collection of coins and jewelry from the Brandon Collection.

Oct 7
October General Consignment

Friday Special

  •   Sep 29 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 7 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Check out this Friday Flash sales for a chance to bid on these general consignment items! A new twin bed, chainsaw, vintage student desks, coins, games and more!

Oct 1
Collectors Collections

Collectors Collections

  •   Sep 18 @ 8:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Oct 1 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Several collectors have selected items, mostly related to Fairbanks and Alaska , for offering here. Also some national and international art pieces by French artist Icart, satire artist Charles Bragg, Fred Machentanz, .

Sep 30
Music and Collectibles

Music Lovers Unite

  •   Sep 17 @ 12:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 30 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This is definitely a ROCK ON auction. Enhance your music experience by listening to these great vinyl records, or jamming out on these amazing instruments. Find your inner rock star with a great guitar, banjo, violin, flute, trumpet, amps and more. Or purchase an instrument to expand the creative talents of a loved one.

Sep 23
Wood Working Shop

Business Liquidation

  •   Aug 31 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 23 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Is wood working your passion? Are you looking to expand your current tools or start your own shop. This could be the deal for you. Beyond tools this auction has many wood pieces of furniture that are looking for their finishing touches, perfect for a vintage rehab specialist. IF upcycling furniture is your hobby, then don't miss this!

Sep 17
Brandon Collection of Alaskana

Brandon Collection

  •   Sep 10 @ 4:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 17 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This is an incredible collection of Alaskana artwork, to include native masks, ulus, baskets, carvings and more.

Sep 10
U-Haul Storage Units

U-haul Storage Units

  •   Aug 28 @ 5:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 10 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
U-Haul Storage Unit Auction. Bidding will close Saturday September 10th at 7pm. There is a 15% Buyers Premium and a 4% credit card convenience fee. Units may be pulled from the auction by U-HAUL at anytime.

Sep 9
Gerk Estate Part 2

Gerk Estate Part 2

  •   Sep 4 @ 7:45pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 9 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
The Gerk Estate contains tools, Yamaha snowblower, winter gear, railroad collectibles, artwork and outdoor gear. Collectibles include action toys, pottery and glass.

Sep 3
Ammo and More

Ammo and More

  •   Aug 27 @ 1:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 3 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This is a general consignment auction with a little of bit of everything to choose from. Coins, Ammo, Collectibles, Yard Tools, and Household.

Aug 20
Outdoor Collections

Outdoor Collections

  •   Aug 14 @ 11:00am AKDT (Start)
  •   Aug 20 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Find a treasure! Choose from Ocean Kayaks, Fishing Gear, Fiesta Ware Dishes, Coins, Rafts, and tons of TOOLS.

Aug 13
Alexander Collection

Alexander Collection

  •   Aug 7 @ 4:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Aug 13 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Barbara Alexander was a Professor at the University of Alaska for over 20 years. We are proud to offer for auction part of her art collection to include many German art pieces and local Alaskan artwork. Items like these are not often found in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Aug 6
General Consignment

Camping, Floating & MORE

  •   Jul 29 @ 7:00am AKDT (Start)
  •   Aug 6 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Upcoming General Consignment Sale.

Jul 29
Starter Home or Rental?

Starter Home or Rental?

  •   Jul 16 @ 6:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jul 29 @ 12:00am AKDT (End)
This Online Auction ends Friday July 29th at 7pm. The successful bidder will be given 30 days to coordinate with the property owner to remove the mobile home from the current location. Any cost associated with the relocation of the mobile home rely solely on the successful bidder.  The auction house reserves the right relist any abandoned items in another upcoming auction. There is a 15% Buyers Premium and a 4% Credit Card Fee.

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