Sep 23
Shapiro Sale Part 2

Shapiro Sale Part 2

  •   Sep 17 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 23 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Items are located at Last Frontier Auctions and Sales at 2017 South Cushman Street. This Online Auction ends SATURDAY at 7pm. These items will be available for pickup on SUNDAY from 10am-2pm or by appointment on Monday. All items must be picked up within 7 days of the close of the auction and or have made arrangements for shipping. Any items not claimed within seven days will be considered abandoned, the bidder will forfeit the item and the payment will not be refunded. The auction house reserves the right relist any abandoned items in another upcoming auction. There is a 15% Buyers Premium and a 4% Credit Card Fee. Auctioneer reserves the right to pull any item from the auction prior to the close of the sale.

Sep 16
Shapiro Sale

Shapiro Sale

  •   Sep 9 @ 9:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 16 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
This sale includes a 2001 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon, household furniture, coins, tools and more.

Sep 15
Moving On Sale

Moving On Sale

  •   Sep 9 @ 6:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 15 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Client is moving on and downsizing in preparation to move. 10 x 10 unit with Artwork, Tools, and Collectibles.

Sep 9
September Consignments

September Consignments

  •   Sep 5 @ 12:00am AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 9 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Check out the Low Mileage HHR, great coins and collectibles.

Sep 8
Independent Rental Storage

Independent Rental Storage

  •   Sep 1 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 8 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Choose from 11 storage units to include an F250.

Sep 2
Ravens Landing Estate Sale

Ravens Landing Estate Sale

  •   Aug 28 @ 1:00am AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 2 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Living Estate Sale to include a 2009 Toyota Corolla, household furniture, Alaskan Native Artwork (Furs, Beadwork, Yo-yo, masks, carvings and more) stamp collection, kitchenware and more.

Sep 1
Blue Moose Storage Units

Blue Moose Storage

  •   Aug 24 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Sep 1 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Storage Wars, Fairbanks style!

Aug 26
TRIPLE C - Coins, Collectibles, Consignments

TRIPLE C - Coins, Collectibles, Consignments

  •   Aug 15 @ 11:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Aug 26 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Need a motorhome for Moose Season this year? Look at our 1999 Winnebago. If you need to butter up to your better half so that you can go hunting, try bidding on our coins and collectibles, or win their heart with a 1992 Ford Mustang convertible. Everyone wins when you both win at the auction!

Aug 12
August Collectibles , Fishing, and more.

August Collectibles , Fishing, and more.

  •   Aug 5 @ 7:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Aug 12 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Choose from Jade, Collectibles, Fishing Poles, Hand Tools, Jewelry and Coins!

Aug 5
August General Consignments

August General Consignments

  •   Jul 28 @ 11:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Aug 5 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Everything you need! A "New to You" vehicle, furniture and household, and COINS.

Jul 29
Estate of Ron Sheets

Estate of Ron Sheets

  •   Jul 23 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jul 29 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
The Estate of Ron Sheets should be described more as the Workshop of Ron Sheets. Items include yard tools, work tools, building supplies, and the connex containers.

Jul 22
Fairbanks Storage LLC

Fairbanks Storage LLC

  •   Jul 18 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jul 22 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Who loves storage units? EVERYONE loves the fun and mystery that storage units bring!

Jul 15
Estate of Mary Ellen Koeller

Estate of Mary Ellen Koeller

  •   Jul 10 @ 10:30pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jul 15 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
A piece of Fairbanks history! Beautiful quilts, pins, collectibles, household, items and a Ford Mustang that has been a staple in the Golden Days Parade.

Jul 14
Condo Closeout!

Condo Closeout

  •   Jul 4 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jul 14 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Choose from typical household, vintage collectibles, gorgeous curio cabinets and trunks, jewelry, area rugs, closet organizers, and artwork.

Jul 1
July Consignments

July Consignments

  •   Jun 26 @ 10:00pm AKDT (Start)
  •   Jul 1 @ 7:00pm AKDT (End)
Check out the coins, watches, military collectibles, furniture, jewelry and more in this general consignment auction that is closing Saturday.

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